Despite being three-years-old already, the Nexus 5 still remains as a trusty side-kick to many loyal owners. This is the device that arrived with some pretty top-notch specs during its time.

The Nexus 5 sports a 4.95-inch True HD IPS display and it runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor. This is paired to a 2GB RAM along with an Adreno 300 graphics processing unit to produce a device that still manages to stay reliable up till today.

Although the Nexus 5 doesn’t stand out when placed next to the latest flagships such as the Google Pixel XL, most owners are refusing to give up their beloved Nexus as they are still satisfied with its capabilities.

Reddit threads reveal that many Nexus 5 owners have been substituting their device’s battery just so the device would survive longer. Some have even changed it up to three times yet the device still is as good as new when a new battery is popped in.

Many Nexus 5 owners also keep their device up-to-date by enlisting the help of third-party developers. By flashing custom ROMs into their Nexus 5, they have the opportunity to get the latest features into their aging device.

This clearly proves that the Nexus 5 is here to stay – with or without Google’s help. Despite Google cutting off support for the device, owners are sticking by it and finding their own ways to keep it alive and kicking.

If you are a Nexus 5 user, tell us what you’ve been doing to keep your device fresh and stable!