The Google-LG partnership turned out to be a successful one when the Nexus 5 was born. The device was quick to rise to become one of the most loved device of the Nexus series.

So, it wasn’t all that surprising that many folks were upset when Google decided to leave the Nexus family to produce devices that catered to the masses – in other words, more iPhone-like.

Google has completed stripped the Nexus 5 from receiving any more official updates but this hasn’t stopped its loyal owners from relying on their three-year-old device.

This is because these folks have been depending on third-party developers to help keep their Nexus 5 as fresh as possible with the latest and greatest features.

However, Android Central forum threads reveal that some Nexus 5 users have been experiencing some issues in regards to connectivity via WiFi.

Some owners claim that this issue started after they made the change to daylight savings time. They are able to locate the network but simply can’t connect to it, no matter how many times they’ve tried.

These owners say that their device could be connected to the WiFi once a reboot is carried out but the connection cuts off when the device is placed on standby or sleep mode.

Well, have you been experiencing this frustrating issues on your Nexus 5 as well? If you have, what do you think could be the underlying cause?