It’s usually the case that as a particular brand increases in its popularity, its offerings will become more generic by foregoing its unique elements simply to cater to a larger percentage of the market.

This same theory can be applied to the smartphone market. Apple has done it and so did Samsung. Despite leaving many early buyers frustrated, it does not seem to hinder these companies from generating an increasing rate of profit.

So, it seems that Google would need to do this a couple of times more before it hits the level of Apple and Samsung. The unique image of the Nexus program will have to be buried to make way for something more alike the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S.

Maybe that’s why we’ll never get something quite like the Nexus 6 anymore, or even the Nexus 6P. Google needs to increase its appeal and thus, it had rebranded Nexus to Pixel to start anew.

Well, this simply makes the Mountain View giant look bad to its current fans. The Nexus 6 is a stunning device but an average Joe may not like it as much as he likes an iPhone 7.

That could be due to its size. Buyers don’t usually prefer anything that goes beyond 5.7-inches, as revealed by various surveys. It seems that most folks coin the perfect size of a device to sit between 5.0-inches to 5.5-inches.

Nexus 6P

Android Authority conducted a survey that revealed out of about 15,000 respondents, only 16 percent said that they would like a device bigger than 5.7-inches. Judging from this, the Nexus 6p seems like a reasonable response to buyer opinion.

The wireless charging is probably the same, as well. Although it may be convenient to many, it doesn’t seem to be an importance to many devices. Just look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; this device didn’t manage to surpass the iPhone 6’s sales figure despite having the wireless charging feature.

Google’s decision to move away from everything that made the Nexus 6 such an amazing device has slightly tarnished the company’s image. Well, it doesn’t appear to be a problem for Google though as following in Apple’s direction seems to be bringing in more money for them.