Just as seen on numerous online polls, many folks believe that their Nexus 6P is the best device out of all Nexus products. That said, we can’t help but notice that an increasing number of Nexus 6P owners have started experiencing some frustrating issues with their beloved device.

A Redditor described his experience of when his Nexus 6P’s battery percentage suddenly started fluctuating drastically. The Nexus device will then automatically power off without even a notification.

Original device’s battery history

The owner clarified that the problem does occur indoors but it’s more apparent when the device is brought outdoors where the weather is cold.

The Nexus 6P owner’s frustration had hit its peak when he decided to contact Google for a replacement device. However, that only served to increase his frustrations.

The replacement unit struggled with the same issue but this time, it was worse. Once again, he contacted Google and they agreed to another replacement unit.

Replacement device’s battery history

Unfortunately, this device was also plagued with some battery issues. The owner revealed that the second replacement device seemed to charge extremely fast and discharged extremely fast, as well.

The thread garnered plenty of other Nexus 6P owner’s attention as many have been experiencing a similar situation with their device.

Some even felt that this issue could be due to the latest update, the Android 7.0 Nougat. Do you think Nougat could have made it worse for Nexus 6P owners?