It was quite a surprise to find out that Google’s Pixel duo failed to match up to the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge during the Black Friday shopping season last year, despite possessing the highest growth.

It’s always good to know how Google is faring up with the competition in the smartphone hardware game. Well, Google is the backbone of the Android ecosystem that runs most smartphones around the world.

The tech giant has abandoned its common practices to center their attention on carrier support so as to reach a wider set of audience in the mobile arena. That said, if Google can be open with its Pixel figures, why isn’t it being open about its Nexus 6P figures?

It’s definitely weird that the public has no idea how Nexus 6P has fared commercially for the past year. The Pixel XL is said to be selling well; so, how much better or worse is the Nexus 6P doing?

Google may be staying mum but the Nexus 6P, despite its popularity, failed in capturing more buyers compared to the HTC One M9 or Sony Xperia Z5. However, this is one thing that we may never know for sure.

Some folks point fingers at its limited availability outside of the U.S.; on top of that, the Project Fi may be cheap to Americans but it may not be the same for those in less affluent market such as the Asian markets.