The Nexus 6P is not growing in the global market because it remains at the same price. Perhaps it’s time it takes some much-needed cues from Apple.

Selling devices in India isn’t the same as it is in the US; Indians prefer inexpensive devices but Apple has long been a premium brand.

So, Apple decided to revive the iPhone 6 in the country by selling a 32GB version of the 2014 device via online retailers. Prior to this, the model was discontinued following the iPhone 7’s launch.

The iPhone 6, in Space Gray, started selling on Amazon on Monday for about 30,000 rupees ($450) which marks a huge markdown from the iPhone 6s which is priced from $750 in that country.

Despite India being a key phone market, Apple only managed to sell about 2.5 million iPhones in that country last year. It’s recent initiative to produce cheaper offerings would definitely increase the manufacturer’s footprint in India.

That’s not all – Apple even revived the iPhone 6 for other similar markets such as China and Taiwan, as well.