The Nexus 6P is probably one of the most successful pure Android devices currently and it sure seems like this device still has a long way to go before hitting rock bottom.

Thus, it’s becoming more evident that Google is messing up by not reaping this device of its full potential by taking it international. The Nexus 6P has a real potential of making it big globally and Google needs to capitalize on this if it truly wants to reach the level of Apple and Samsung.

The Nexus 6P is currently priced at $400 on Google’s Project Fi service which is pretty reasonable in the US but it may not be the same in other, less affluent markets.

So, it’ll be wise for Google to reduce the pricing of the Nexus 6P in order to attract international buyers and simultaneously, generate a wider global influence.

Besides that, the Project Fi has the great feature of giving users a chance to buy a device at a discounted price and they can deactivate the service at any time. Users can milk this opportunity to their advantage.

And if the Nexus 6P didn’t seem all that great before, it will now since it’ll be coming with features from the Pixel duo such as the Camera NX which permits enhanced sharp-shooting just like its successors.