During last year’s Black Friday sale period, Google’s Pixel duo ended up being not as great as Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7/Edge – despite recording the most growth.

Most folks would be interested in knowing how Google fares up against its rivals in the smartphone hardware game since this is the company that’s responsible for the Android world that runs most of the smartphones around the globe.

Google has abandoned its typical route just so it could prioritize its focus on carrier support. This will help it reach a wider audience in the mobile industry. That said, if Google can be open with the Pixels’ figures then why is it still keeping Nexus 6P’s figures a secret?

Why So Much Mystery?

The public do not know anything on how the Nexus 6P fared commercially for the past year. The Pixel XL is said to be doing good; so, how much better or worse could the Nexus 6P be?

Google may be keeping its lips sealed but despite being a popular device, the Nexus 6P is reported to have fell short against the HTC One M9 or Sony Xperia Z5, when it comes to sales.

These are merely speculations for now but some folks blame it on its lack of availability outside the borders of the US. On top of that, Project Fi may be too expensive for buyers from markets such as India.