The rumours have never stopped claiming that a brand new Z-car is in development and the vehicle is will be downsizing from a 3.7L V6 to a 3L twin-turbo V6 that is sourced from Infiniti. The new mill will provide at least 400hp and it will also result in the next Z being named the 300Z.

The rumours certainly made the wait for the 370Z’s successor a lot more exciting and they definitely sound better than the remarks made by Nissan in regards to the car.

Nissan once revealed that they are opening up to the idea of building the next Z as an SUV. The remark created chaos on the internet as driving fans were quick to show their hatred towards the idea.

Well, things got worse today when a new report from Japan suggests that the next Z is poised to rely on a high-performance hybrid powertrain. The move is aimed at broadening Nissan’s position in the auto industry.

While hybrids may not sound as bad as SUVs, it is still something we prefer not to see on the Z. Nissan should just stick to the rumours and deliver an outstanding roadster with 400hp. We would gladly take it over a hybrid or an SUV. The worst possible outcome is if the Z ends up as an EV SUV.

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