HMD Global launched the Nokia 6 in China right after CES – without any official event. It didn’t take long before this new Nokia device broke various records and run completely out of stock; even the new stock of the 32GB Nokia 6 was quickly wiped out.

The company officially announced the Nokia 6 in Barcelona during the recent MWC and at the same time, a 32GB version of the device was put up for sale on for CNY 1,499, equivalent to about $217. This, too, did not take long to run out.

Although Nokia didn’t really hold a good reputation some time back, it’s hard to refute that the Nokia device is selling well right now. HMD Global is in it to win it and sales figures are evidence of it.

Previously, prior to it being called the Microsoft Lumia, it was called the Nokia Lumia. This was right before Microsoft sold off Nokia. However, things are different now as Nokia devices are running on Android instead of Windows OS.

The Nokia brand is doing extremely well while the Lumia continues in its downward spiral – proving that Microsoft’s refusal to run its devices on Android was the core factor behind Nokia’s old failure.