Samsung may have snatched the headlines for producing the Galaxy S8 but this does not mean that the 2017 flagship phone is the best choice around. Nokia is hoping to make this point clear when they launch their next big thing, the 9.

The Nokia 9 is slated to arrive in summer this year and it will be matching the core hardwares on the Galaxy S8. As an added bonus, the device will have a large capacity 3,500mAh battery that is optimized for a long-lasting performance.

The icing on the cake is with the Nokia 9’s rear camera, which can snap nicer photos than the Galaxy S8. This can already be seen in the leaked gallery that shows off some wonderful pictures taken by a prototype device and it is of high quality.

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When the 9 arrives, it will have a metal body that houses the 5.27” QHD screen. It seems that all Nokia has to do now is convince the mass market on why the 9 is the better choice when compared to the Galaxy S8.

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