There’s no denying that OnePlus has developed a poor reputation when it comes to software support. Having said that, it’s nice to see that the company has been consistently sending out updates for the OnePlus 3, even with the arrival of the 3T.

That doesn’t distract from the fact that something’s missing though. Some months back, the company made a promise to deliver Android Nougat to its latest flagship killer before 2016 is over.

Only 3 days remain on the calendar before the sun rises on 2017, and Nougat is still nowhere in sight. Perhaps OnePlus would push out the software update on New Year’s Eve, akin to what it did for Nougat beta – which it promised before the end of November – on the last day of the penultimate month.

However, for now it appears that the company is set to break another big promise, which may not be a surprise to those who have already been with the brand for a while.

If Carl Pei and co. really do make good on this promise, it would put the OnePlus 3 ahead of the Google Nexus 6 in receiving the stable version of Nougat, and that would be quite the feat.