For the past month or so, the marketing team from OnePlus has been actively teasing on the OnePlus 5 on Twitter. The next flagship phone is bound to arrive in the coming weeks and many can’t wait to check out what the phone will have to offer.

OnePlus has done a great job in boosting the hype for the OnePlus 5 ahead of its debut but one particular tease got more attention for the wrong reason. The tease is an image of the OnePlus 5 but it appears that the viewers are more interested in talking about Verizon on the comment section.

It all started with an individual that mentioned Verizon in his comment and it immediately got the carrier’s support team to offer an immediate respond. The feedback turned viral with many actively making fun of the Verizon.

If you have missed the happening, you can check out the comments below. Fair play to Verizon for making such comments that gives it free publicity.

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