The OnePlus 5 is the next big thing to hit the Android market and many can’t wait to check out what the phone will have to offer. Like how it is with previous OnePlus devices, the 5 is likely to have the best hardwares around that can give the mainstream flagships a big fight.

OnePlus knows that the right amount of marketing is needed to keep the consumers interested in the OnePlus 5 hence they have took it to Twitter to promote the 5 on a weekly basis through sharing teaser photos of the phone.

Well, the latest tease didn’t go so well for OnePlus as the 5 got its spotlight snatched away by Verizon Support. While Verizon was merely attending to a Tweet that called them out, the carrier responded in an entertaining manner that it became the talking point of the Tweet. You can check out the happening in the screenshot embedded below.

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