During MWC, Pokemon Go creator and CEO of Niantic Labs revealed that players of the game have managed to catch 88 billion pocket monsters ever since its inception, according to Fortune. This means the game has successfully made players walk a total of 5.4 billion miles, all in the name of chasing Pokemons!

John Hanke also disclosed that Pokemon Go has achieved a total of 650 million downloads on all platforms and over 35,000 retail spots all over the world have become sponsored locations for the game, with a total of 500 million visits by Pokemon-hungry folks.

Pokemon Go has just recently received its “Generation 2” update which welcomed 80 classics monsters to the game and, simultaneously, lured many gamers back into the game. But, Niantic is not done yet – it plans to work on the AR game even more by churning out three updates that will arrive in the course of 2017.

However, Hanke failed to provide further details on the upcoming improvements. Some fans are crossing their fingers for the inclusion of trading and PvP battles; well, what would you like to see in the game?