During Apple’s press event back in September, Niantic announced that it would be launching a Pokemon Go app for the Apple Watch, but it seems like it had been following the footsteps of Apple’s AirPods; it kept getting delayed to the frustration of fans.

As if that wasn’t enough, there were many rumors sprouting on the web that Niantic had abandoned the project. Thankfully, the developer recently confirmed that the Apple Watch version of the game would still be coming and sure enough, there is now an update to the iOS app that finally releases that feature.

The update has just been kicked off, so it’ll take some time before everyone can see it in the App Store. If you get the update, download it to your iPhone and you’ll be able to play Pokemon Go straight from your wrist. However, keep in mind that you can’t catch a Pokemon using the Apple Watch; you’ll still need to use your iPhone for that.

The Apple Watch version of the game is reported to be bringing features such as the ability to get notifications when Pokemon or PokeStops are nearby, the choice to log in all your game activities in the app as workouts via Apple’s Activity app for the Apple Watch as well as acquire the number of steps to get to hatch your eggs and gaining Candy for your Buddy Pokemon.

Despite not being able to catch Pokemons, this Apple Watch version still sounds pretty nifty. Why don’t you try it for yourself and let us know your experience.