Niantic has just launched a new update to its Pokemon Go game which is expected to bring Shiny Pokemons to its successful augmented reality game.

The developer brought on this change that now randomizes IV, movesets, height and weight data for wild Pokemon for each trainer who are on level 25 and below.

The main of this is to curb spoofers who try to manipulate the game to get Pokemon with the highest IV and great movesets. This means the new update will be making the game fair for players on different levels of the game.

The launching of this new update has been seen as a hint that more shinies will be released in the game by many folks. According to Forbes, Niantic released Shiny Magikarp right after handling another spoofing issue on the Android platform.

Based on that, it looks like Pokemon Go is set to welcome new shinies in the game. Take this with a grain of salt as Niantic has yet to confirm anything despite it expressing its interest in building up the shiny Pokemon creatures in the game.