As the GDC (Game Developers Conference) is about to end, we’ve gain some news on the upcoming feature that will soon find its way into Pokemon Go.

Ever since the game was launched, players have been clamoring for a trading feature where they could trade the Pokemons they have captured. Niantic had confirmed that this feature would arrive but with no additional details, until now.

Niantic’s senior product manager, Tatsuo Nomura, revealed to Polygon that the trade feature will not be working as fans expected. This is because players will only be able to trade Pokemon with nearby players.

It’s obvious that Niantic doesn’t want Pokemon Go to be merely an online game where players can exchange virtually anything. The trading feature is still in the development process and when it arrives, it will require you to be about 100 miles near another player in order for a trade to happen.

This trading feature is slated to arrive some time in the later half of this year. Let’s hope this feature will boost the game and not end up ruining the Pokemon-hunting game.

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