Render artists have always been keen on designing mid-engine Corvette renderings. This latest rendering comes from HRE Wheels who worked alongside Fast Eddy and Aria Group to come up with their version of what a mid-engine C8 Corvette could possibly turn out.

The result was impressive, to say the least. This render of the Corvette C8 oozes so much sexiness that it could even make any Porsche 911 hide in shame.

This model is definitely unique and something revolutionary but we can’t ignore the fact that it shares very little similarity to the original Corvette.

One look at its rear and you’ll immediately catch a Lamborghini vibe with a little incorporation of the current C7 Corvette in its taillights. However, the rest of the model comes across as something that could pass of as anything!

The main attraction on this render is the amazing looking HRE wheels placed in each corner. Despite being oh-so-pleasing to the eyes, we highly doubt that anything on this render would make an appearance on a production, mid-engine Corvette.