The Panamera is nothing compared to Porsche’s latest Mission E Concept as the former hugely lacked in the looks department. While the Mission E Concept looked similar to the 911, the Panamera looked more like a flat Cayenne.

With that, Porsche’s aim of selling 20,000 Mission Es per year seems quite plausible, granted that the final product is almost identical to the concept.

Oliver Blume, Porsche’s CEO, said that, “We have the Mission E calculated with a number of items in the order for about 20,000 units,” in impeccable German, as reported by Automobilwoche.

Seeing that the Panamera only managed to sell just over 15,000 units last year, this is quite surprising that the automaker would aim higher. However, considering its powertrain, the Mission E is more of a niche model than the Panamera.

Porsche is looking to release the Mission E in 2019 with a maximum range of over 310 miles and it will be able to do a 0-62 mph in about 3.5 seconds. Although not as fast as a Tesla, it is still quite a speedster on its own right.

Besides that, a couple of reports have indicated that the Mission E will feature fast charging with the ability to reach 80 percent of charge in merely 15 minutes.