The PS4 and Xbox One are the console kings and going head to head with each other. While we do have Nintendo it isn’t exactly fighting the same battle as we can see from the fanbase and game selections.

However while in terms of hardware and game choices both the Xbox One and PS4 seem neck to neck. there is something brewing in the PSN Store that has many fans worried. And the murmurs are growing.

Now we’re not saying that Sony is purposely trying to kill the PS4 but some of their decisions which may obviously be monetary driven does hurt the console’s image when the Xbox One is always fighting with it.

We’re talking about the recent flood of low quality games being approved into the PSN store and drowning otherwise really good releases. We’re talking about ridiculous games like Black Tiger, Skylight Freerange 2 and a ton of pinball and card games that are a quick money grab by PSN Store for the listing and sales when gamers too cash strapped to afford good games want something new.

Now of course you can argue that the same can be said about the PC market and Steam. With approximately 4,000 games released on Steam in 2016 alone one would be safe to say there is no real curation going on there. After all, these listings makes Valve earn enough to not bother with creating a Half Life 3. But before you go there, the game we just mentioned above, Skylight Freerange 2, got rejected by the Steam Store. That’s right, the marketplace with a heap of crappy games rejected this title and PSN happily approved it for the PS4.

With that said, it is time that Sony monitor what games are flooding the PSN Store otherwise they will have an epidemic which will lessen the quality score of gaming on the platform and have the Xbox One appear like the more superior of consoles inadvertently.

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