Blizzard Entertainment confirmed earlier today that Overwatch will turn into a free-to-play title from 26-29 May, next week across all platforms. The sudden move is meant to give players the opportunity to try the game out thus opening up greater sales opportunities for the already popular title.

But despite being offered for free on a time limited basis, Overwatch is unlikely to become fully functional over on the consoles. We say this because both the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One requires the players to pay if they want to utilize the online system.

On the Xbox One in particular, the gamer has to be a Gold member to enjoy the free-to-play promo. Meanwhile, the PS4 players are required to be a PS Plus subscriber.

This got us wondering if Blizzard will truly be able to reach out to every gamer on the consoles to promote Overwatch. What do you think?

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