Renault ZOE Makes The Nissan Leaf Look Even More Useless

Renault showed off its latest ZOE E-Sport at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, featuring a 41kWh battery worth 250-mile range along with a racy carbon fiber wide body and large 20-inch allow wheels.

To reduce the vehicle’s weight, the automaker had removed its rear seats and combined carbon fiber with Kevlar during the construction. As a result, the EV weighs at 3,086 pounds, inclusive of the 992lbs battery pack.

Equipped with a pair of electric motors, the EV is capable of churning out 460hp and 472lb-ft. The ZOE E-Sport can complete a 0-62mph in a mere 3.2 seconds and records a top speed of 130mph in under 10 seconds.

It looks like the ZOE is capable of crushing the Nissan Lead as the latter produces only 110hp and has a range of up to only 107 miles. In fact, the ZOE E-Sport is even more powerful than the 200hp Chevy Bolt.

Unfortunately, the E-Sport is only a concept for now as Renault hasn’t revealed any info on whether it’ll end up as a production model. All we can do right now is to cross our fingers and wait hopefully..

3 thoughts on “Renault ZOE Makes The Nissan Leaf Look Even More Useless

  • The ZOE (any of the variants) is unavailable in the USA. So a LEAF is still very much a legitimate choice for Americans

  • Great specs and wish them the best but it’s getting old people reporting concepts that may never amount to squat.

    Look, I drew on a napkin a car with a battery capable of 400 miles and 0-60 in 3 seconds. It’s the new Tesla and Leaf killer.

    I own one of each btw. Come on car makers, catch up.

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