With how surprising Resident Evil 7 turned out to be during its reveal, it quickly muted all talk of Resident Evil 2 Remake that dominated headlines for a good part of the year. In a way, that has turned out to be good news.

It means that fans can no longer accuse Capcom of relying solely on remakes to milk as much cash as possible from a stagnant franchise, though they weren’t exactly wrong with that sentiment.

The incorporation of VR for the latest survival horror sequel proves that Resident Evil is moving forward with developments in the gaming industry. And rather than keeping silent after the first reveal, Capcom has been gradually peeling back the layers on RE7 via intermittent demo releases.

In spite of all the buzz surrounding the new game, there’s no reason to cast the RE2 remake aside as just another money-grab attempt from the Japanese developer. Instead of refurbishing the 1998 classic with newer mechanics and treating it to a HD veneer, Capcom has said that it’s going to redevelop the game from the ground up.

According to a new rumor, the release of RE7 early next year would be accompanied by a fresh reveal for the remake of RE2. It seems that Capcom could take the demo release route in teasing the game, and some believe that a new teaser trailer would also be in tow.