Prior to Capcom revealing the first demo of Resident Evil 7, most folks were focused on Resident Evil 2 Remake. Some held the assumption that the seventh edition to the series wouldn’t be all that great, considering how the last two titles were.

However, that notion took a 180 degree switch when RE7 was released and so, gamers paid less attention to the remake of the 1998 classic. But, this does not mean Capcom doesn’t have something great planned for it as the game will be more than just a remastered version.

This game will be remade from scratch and as the hype of RE7 slowly reduces, it’s time we turn our attention toward the remake again. Unfortunately, there isn’t any official information to give us some form of hope.

Most folks were anticipating the launch of RE7 to come side-by-side with the first demo of RE2 Remake; however, up till today, there hasn’t been a word from Capcom on the game’s development. Well, it could be that the developer wanted to concentrate fully on RE7.

Although we don’t have any official details, fans are expecting RE2 Remake to involve some changes to the camera angles, akin to RE7.