The wait for Resident Evil 2 Remake seems like it’s taking an eternity to many fans. They had expected a demo of the game to come with RE7 following the “hint” in the form of the black screen shown in the first demo.

However, Resident Evil 2 Remake failed to tag along on Resident Evil 7’s launch but many had justified it by saying that Capcom may have intended for the latest edition to be the sole focus during the launch.

Even so, we haven’t heard anything on the highly anticipated game since the first mention. Besides the information that the developers plan to remake the game from the ground up, there is nothing else been said on it – not even what those changes may include.

Many are hoping that they don’t change the first-person angle but there are also some keen on it on the pretext that it would the game more exhilarating. Well, what do you say?