Resident Evil 7 took the gaming world by surprise during its reveal and it was especially effective in shutting down talk of Resident Evil 2 Remake which had been the hot topic of 2016.

This frees Capcom from accusation from fans on depending only on remakes to generate profit, even though this sentiment may not be exactly far from the truth.

The latest survival horror successor stands as evidence that Resident Evil is improving with developments in the gaming industry with the addition of VR. On top of that, Capcom has been slowly releasing bits of info on RE7 through irregular demo releases.

Despite all the hype around this new game, there still isn’t enough reason to disregard the RE2 remake as merely another money-making attempt by the Japanese game developer.

Capcom has revealed that it will be redeveloping the game entirely instead of just refurbishing the 1998 classic by bringing in newer mechanics and adding a HD veneer.

Recent rumor has also revealed that the launch of the RE7 early this year will be coming side-by-side with the fresh remake of the RE2. It looks like Capcom would be taking the demo release route in teasing the game while some folks are confident that a new teaser trailer may also be coming along.