Resident Evil 7 turned out to be a huge success for the company following its botched Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 editions. And now, Capcom is already busy focusing on its upcoming successor, according to a report by Gaming Bolt.

Jun Takeuchi, executive producer of Capcom, said that, “We want this title to be the start of a new kind of survival horror and of a new series. We’re already thinking about various plans for the next game, but we also want to see how we can continue to evolve survival horror itself.”

The exec clarified that technology is bound to increase with time and this may influence what players are looking for when it comes to gaming. However, he stressed that the company will always strive to create horror experiences where the players will need to overcome a tough situation.

“That, to me, is what survival horror is all about, and the next Resident Evil game and the one after that, every future Resident Evil, will feature characters getting through crises like this,” added Takeuchi.

That said, Takeuchi confirmed that although Resident Evil 8 may be “very different from Resident Evil 7 in some ways,” it will “always retain” the core survival horror concept essence of the game.