Samsung Aims To Crush Galaxy S6, S7 Figures

A South Korean report has revealed that Samsung is looking to sell about 60 million units of its next-gen Galaxy S flagship device, rumored to be called the Samsung Galaxy S8, this year.

The report states that, “The tech giant has requested its partners to supply (parts) based on the tech giant’s 60 million shipment goal.”

This 60 million goal is way above the annual shipment figures for almost all of the recent Galaxy S flagship devices. Both the Galaxy S5 and the S6 recorded 45 million sales while the Galaxy S7 expects to achieve 48 million sales.

Source: GSM Arena

This particular report also states that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released in April, which correlates with the current rumors.

Aside that, the report says that mass production of the device will begin just a month before the launch, in March.

It’s pretty evident that Samsung is aiming to crush Galaxy S6 and S7’s sales figures with its latest device, but do you think it will be possible?

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