Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came with an avalanche of problems, it managed to sell 400,000 units 13 days prior to its official launch last year, according to Korean media.

That is an impressive figure but Samsung believes that its upcoming Galaxy S8 will be able to do better, as revealed by The Investor.

The pre-order for the highly anticipated device will commence on April 7 and the Galaxy S8 devices should be arriving to buyers on April 18, if all goes as planned.

The report states that Samsung has decided to produce a subsidy plan for the latest smartphone duo even prior to the pre-order commencement date.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer may seem too ambitious with its high initial demand expectation but it does make sense that disappointed Note 7 owners would be looking for a new device to splurge on.

We’re just a couple of days away from the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo’s official debut that is set to take place on March 29 and we simply can’t wait to finally put an end to this excruciating wait!