The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge did not manage to secure a huge number of buyers when it was launched. Although there are many reasons behind this, the main reason is directed back at the company.

The Galaxy S6 was four times more successful than the Galaxy S6 Edge for the first half of this year, according to Kantar, a research firm.

It could have been the extra $100 on its price tag that made the S6 Edge not that appealing to the S6. It could have also been the fact that its features did not match up to its asking price. The possibilities seem endless on this one.

However, Wall Street Journal is giving us another insight. It reported that in the mid of 2015, the South Korean manufacturer had predicted the demand for the Galaxy S6 to be more than the S6 Edge by a ratio of 4:1 so it had based production on the same notion.

But things took a different turn once it was released. The actual ratio stood at 1:1, leaving the Galaxy S6 Edge to face massive shortage. Buyers were more than willing to fork out extra for the Edge variant despite it lacking in many aspects.

This same ratio was also demonstrated by the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The latter had sold over 10 percent more units that the former which made them stand on par in regards to demand. But this time it was apparent that Samsung had learned and rectified its mistake.