We may be wrong but we believe that things may have been way better for Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge users if the manufacturer had given them the option of a removable battery – even though they may need replacement batteries often due to device’s overheating issues.

There’s no doubt that Samsung had disappointed many of its fans by sealing in the battery of the previous flagship. But, what was the reason Samsung decided to go in this direction?

It appears that this was all done for the sole purpose of design. The Seoul-based manufacturer wanted to create thinner and sleeker devices and it believed that the only way to achieve that is by making the battery sealed in.

We say believed as it does not hold much truth. The Samsung Galaxy S7, which removed the replaceable battery feature as well, measured at 7.9mm in thickness. That’s thicker than the LG G5 which measured at 7.7mm AND comes with the removable battery feature!

There’s no other way to say this: Samsung had duped Galaxy S6 users as it actually makes more money by not listening to what consumers want. The South Korean manufacturer robbed users of the chance of extending their device’s life just so they would purchase a new device faster.