Looks like Samsung isn’t free from its explosive devices. Just as it begins executing damage control, another Samsung device has exploded causing a tragic accident. And this time, it’s not the infamous Note 7 or even the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge devices.

Surprisingly, the device involved in this latest incident is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Previously, aside from the device getting fried up, the victims usually escape with relatively no injuries. However, this time it’s different.

Over in China, a Galaxy Note 4 exploded while Feng Lingling, his wife and 5-year-old daughter were fast asleep on March 9. At around 4am, Lingling was woken up by the sharp cries of his daughter.

The little girl was asleep at the far side of the bed while the Galaxy Note 4 was left to charge on the bedside table. The explosion didn’t only burn his bedding; it burned his daughter’s face.

The child is now unable to speak or eat while her hands and face are severely damaged. Feng Yung, the daughter, may be permanently disfigured.

This is truly tragic and it’s one incident that places Samsung right back into the hot soup. We hope this will be the last of such freak accidents as technology is meant to benefit mankind – not destroy them.