Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Gets January Security Update

Yesterday, Samsung launched a software update including a January security patch for its “major flagship models”, according to PhoneArena.

Aside from Google’s January 2017 security patch, the update for the Galaxy devices brings along fixes for “28 Samsung vulnerabilities and exposures.”

This update will be an over-the-air update and users of Samsung Android flagships should be receiving the download prompt for it soon.

Samsung isn’t the only one who is quick to launch the January 2017 security patch – Blackberry released it yesterday while LG provided info on the January update, although still withholding the update.

Based on a post on PhoneArena‘s comment thread, it seems that a user by the name of uchihakurtz has reported that he has received the update for his Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

“Just got it for my Note 4, I’m impressed, back in the old days a year old flagship wouldn’t even get any security update. I wonder how Note 3 below does,” posted uchihakurtz.

Looks like it’s good news for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users. Let us know if you have received the update!

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