Samsung Galaxy Note 4: It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings!

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may be from the same generation as the Google Nexus 6, it has been left out from gaining entry into Android 7.0 Nougat. The device came with Android 4.4.4 KitKat which makes its ceiling the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

That’s sad, but hold your tears as there is a way around this. Galaxy Note 4 users can jump into Nougat, as well as future software updates, by using custom unofficial ROMs.

Many of these ROMs permit the users to enjoy the Screen-Off Memo which is a Galaxy Note exclusive when they upgrade to Nougat. Fret not if you’re not familiar with these custom ROMs as it is really not that hard to master.

If you’re considering buying a Galaxy Note 4 as a backup or your upcoming budget daily driver, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Unless you have tiny palms as its 5.7-inch size could be too much for you to handle.

However, it comes with a stylus so that makes it easier to use. On top of that, this device costs only $200 for all its great features, if you’re opting for a refurbished unit that is. Browse through Amazon and you’ll see plenty of such deals.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is equipped with the Snapdragon 805 and packed with a 3,220mAh battery, which is said to last longer compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as revealed by Phone Arena through its battery tests.

41 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 4: It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings!

  • Another great read by this staff!
    Thank you! The Galaxy Note 4 is mine and many of ours, daily driver. It is simply the most perfectly designed phone which succeeds for us on so many levels. It matters not that it is two years old. The fact is..Samsung has not made a more compelling replacement. We love it’s performance! I will not be upgrading the hardware anytime soon..and the reason is like others, I am perfectly happy!
    Washington DC

    • Absolutely, i love my note 4. Snapdragon 805 is phenomenal. Although I’ve used note5,note7 and am currently using a7 edge as my other phone i still can’t part with note4. Its one of the most complete device samsung has ever made.

    • What about the issue of the battery just crapping out? Ive had to replace the battery in mine twice in the past year.

  • I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I really wish they would bring it back and just work on updating something that was a great phone to start with! I have been looking everywhere to try and find a cover for my phone but because they are no longer making it I have been unable to find something to fit! Any suggestions?

  • The battery isn’t worth a crap, I am on one right now,I have had a galaxy note 4 since they came out and I paid more than 200.00 for it also of all things its a
    T mobile !!!!!!!

  • I guess you never checked if the bootloader was locked on the note 4. It is and there was 10k bounty to find the exploit. It was never found.

    • XDA Developers has bootloader unlock for Verizon Note 4. Tricky but worth the effort. I’m unlocked with developer status, custom recovery (TWRP), rooted running Jasmine Rom 7 based on 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Nougat available with Ressurecton Rom. Can also install rootable stock.

  • I have this phone Galaxy note 4 and up to now I have no trouble with it. In April it will be one year.

  • For my money the note 4 was the last great note. It was the last note to have a removable battery and expandable memory. Both of these are key for me when buying a phone. I like to be able to have a backup battery on the go so I don’t have to bring a clunky portable one thay I still have to keep plugged into. This is incredibly inconvenient if you’re on the go.

  • I would have kept my note 4 if it had not stop fictioning on its first update. Dropped calls, locking up and shutting off. Things of that nature. I got rid of it for a temporary iPhone 6. Which I got rid of for the note 7. 😑. We all know how that went and now I have a pos s7 edgedge ( not durable at all, front and back are shattered) but still functional, though my finger print scanner is not.

  • What they don’t tell you here is that you have to ROOT the phone (note 4) first b4 you can get a custom ROM for an android and then if the phone has been upgraded to 6.0, they have a security update that blocks you from rooting it so u have to do a lot more research to see if u can get around that security update or not. I have a Note 4 and the security update has locked my phone so I have to find a way to get around that if there is even a way to do that at all!! I’m not sure there is unfortunately!

  • Screen off memo came with the 6.0.1 MM update. No need for Nougat. Most of the features like multi window,and even support for fingerprint already exist on the Note 4. Also, the Note was future proof as specs like QHD screen, cameras with OIS, SD card slots, fast charging etc that most people upgraded to in 2016 already exist too on the Note 4, while other exclusive features like an IR blaster and removable battery have ceased to exist on other phones but the Note 4 retains them.

  • I love the galaxy note 4 so much. I have had one for about 18 months. Unfortunately, the battery is such a mess. Sometimes, mine powers off when it is still 70% charged and would refuse to power on until it is plugged into electric or car outlet. I have done series of troubleshooting with tmobile. Do let need a new battery? Has anyone has same battery issue with galaxy note 4? Need help.

    • I have had that problem for months! Until i ordered my own battery from Amazon. Search original Samsung Note 4 battery. Less than 20 bucks! I have 2 i don’t have that issue anymore. Battery last almost all day without charging. And heavy use call, text, and web surfing! !!

    • Get a new battery. I just got one myself from Amazon to replace the one that I’ve had since I got the phone 2 yrs ago. Mine used to shut off at 30% then go into a loop. Replacement battery from Anker fixed the issue.

    • I experienced my battery dting quickly afterm owning my GN4 for 18months. I replaced the battery and habe no problems. If there’s a Battery Plus store in your area I suggest you purchase a battery from there my phone even allows me to stilluse,the phone at1%

    • Yesterday I read on another Note 4 Forum (sorry – forgot name) that many people have solved identical Note 4 problems by buying a new battery. Several recommended a battery by Anker, not Samsung. Multiple brands are available on Amazon for about $25.

    • You can replace the battery and it should be fine. I bought a new one on amazon when mine starting doing the same thing and it is just perfect all over again

  • I love Note 4. Even I lost my previous note 4 in Nov due to ocean water damage, I bought another one. I am so used to this smart phone. Although,battery is an issue sometimes but that is just me since I have my Internet turned on all the time with screen brightness max and more than 120 apps running. Also, faster charger is awesome just need 10 mimutes of charging and you are good to go.

  • I loved my Note 4 but 2 weeks ago while updating it suddenly had 3 short rows of writing on the upper right top of the screen and then it just died. It never would charge or turn on or do anything again. Does anyone know why this happened?

  • Battery issues with note 4 also. May check into purchasing new battery or just replace phone.

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