For a device familiar with losing its cool, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which can be considered one and the same. Folks have tried all sorts of remedies to no avail. Often, using the device is akin holding on to brimstone.

However, it is very rare for anything dangerous to come out of the easily stressed phone. It burns up, drains out its battery, and that’s it. Hence a recent incident is worthy of some attention and coverage.

On a flight to Taipei aboard a China Airlines plane, one particular Galaxy S6 began sizzling and emitting smoke out of nothing before blowing up. It wasn’t enough to take down the flight, but caused a fire that was quickly snuffed out by the crew on board.

And fortunately for the owner, he didn’t suffer more than a minor burn to his hands. Remnants the rogue Galaxy S6 was kept in an ice bucket for the rest of the journey.

The folks on this flight can actually count themselves lucky, because a pressurized cabin at high altitudes can cause a small blaze to spread swiftly and lead to a lot more harm. Hopefully this remains an isolated incident involving the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

No one really knows why the device erupted the way it did, but we can only look at the Galaxy Note 7 for clues. Apparently Samsung had been a little too reckless regarding the battery design of the phablet with the intent of making it thinner, though if that’s the case for the Galaxy S6 it should be a more widespread issue with the former flagship.