On Christmas Eve, a Samsung Galaxy S6 exploded inside a home in England, just narrowly missing a six-month old baby boy, according to a report by Phone Arena.

The Galaxy S6 was apparently left to charge on a bedside table when Victoria Leeds, the owner and mother, heard a bang. Despite not being that loud, it still prompted her to run into the bedroom only to see a flaming smartphone.

“There was a flame coming from the phone and sparks flying everywhere. They looked like fireworks,” said the 39-year old.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Thankfully, Leeds had taken her son out of the cot where he was asleep and place him on the bed as the cot seemed to have suffered burn marks. That’s not all, Leeds was just about to jump in the shower and if the phone had exploded five minutes later, her baby would have been majorly injured.

Leeds revealed that she has spoken to Samsung and the company has given word that they would send her a replacement unit. However, it has been a week and the mother is still left waiting.

Samsung has time to issue a statement that says “there are no known issue with the Galaxy S6,” though.