It looks like the whole Note 7 fiasco hasn’t ended for Samsung. Recent reports have surfaced on another Samsung device catching on fire and exploding. This time it is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Although there is no way to tell if this is caused by a similar issue as the Note 7, it’s evident that this would be leaving another dent in the Seoul-based manufacturers’ reputation.

According to a Reddit thread, a user by the name of ReturnThroughAether revealed that their Galaxy S6 Edge has departed after bursting out into flames. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the process.

The device was reportedly places on a nightstand when the incident occurred and surprisingly enough, the explosion was so silent that it didn’t even wake the owner up. It was only on the next day that the owner discovered his charred Galaxy S6 Edge.

The user added that he had spoken to Samsung and his carrier, but failed to mention if there would be a replacement or any form of compensation for his lost device. The user also said that prior to this incident, the device hasn’t shown any issues pertaining to overheating.

Let’s hope this would be the last of the lot. Samsung needs to step up its game and rectify this issue before it losses every ounce of credibility it has left.