When the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ was initially launched, it came with a price tag of nearly $800, which, of course, wasn’t very appealing to buyers, especially with other better choices around.

But, it looks like that’s about to change. After almost a year, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be going for a steal at $349 on eBay through Qualitycellz, a reputable seller. However, only the black version is in stock.

This brand new, unlocked AT&T model (G928A) will be coming with an unlocking code that allows users to utilize it on other GSM networks. Be sure to check your carrier for compatibility prior to placing your order.

Although this device will not be coming with a factory warranty, Qualitycellz will be giving a one-month return window.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is equipped with a 5.7-inch QuadHD display running on Exynos 7420 Octa with 4GB RAM. It has 32GB storage and comes with a 16MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera. For a price tag of $349, this sure looks like a deal you shouldn’t miss.