Looks like the nightmare continues. A Reddit user has reported that his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ had burned his nightstand. Thankfully, the user was save from any form of harm and there wasn’t much damage aside from the phone and the nightstand it was placed on.

The Reddit user, ReturnThroughAether, revealed that his device had caught on fire while it was on the nightstand. Prior to this, the device did not show any issues pertaining to overheating or battery. The user also mentioned that he has only been using the original charger that came with the device. He has been in contact with Samsung and his carrier following the incident.

Based on the images, it seems that the battery had ignited in fire, indicated by a clear marking at its front and rear of the phone where the battery typically sits. The display is a total goner, just like the rear of the device, which also seems to protrude from the area close to the battery.

It sure looks like things are getting from bad to worse for the Seoul-based manufacturer. Samsung definitely closed the year with a bang, or multiple of it, to be precise.