Just when we think we are done with the whole life-threatening Note 7 issues, we are slapped with reports of another explosion. But, this time it isn’t the Note 7 that’s guilty; it’s its kin, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

While on a journey to Taipei, a Galaxy S6 user noticed his device expelling smoke before it exploded on board the China Airlines flight CI027.

Amidst the panic, the flight crew was efficient in putting out the fire with portable fire extinguishers. Thanks to their swift action, all passengers on board were safe save for the owner receiving some small burns to his hands. The flight crew then placed the device in an ice bucket.

This really could have ended up badly seeing that it occurred in a plane due to the pressurized cabin. If there is a fire in the plane, it would take merely seconds for the flame to spread throughout the whole cabin.

We’re still not sure what the reason behind this explosion was. In regards to the Note 7, reports have revealed that its explosive episodes were triggered by the manufacturer’s aggressive battery design to produce a slimmer device.

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A Summer · December 21, 2016 at 6:05 am

Not surprised. Owned a S6 for two weeks. One day after an overnight charge, it got really hot (untouchable) and the phone wasn’t even fully charged (40%). It took a couple of hours before the phone cooled down and the battery was also completely drained by that time. The phone also had connection issue with networks. Samsung should solve the battery issues before going for more new models.

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