Not all devices are made the same, and this platitude also applies to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Depending on the carrier, different users would be seeded the latest security and software updates at different times, some earlier than others.

Those using the T-Mobile model in the US has just received the November security update. It’s a little late, seeing that it’s already December.

But it’s not all bad. Looking at the bigger picture, Galaxy S6/Edge users can count themselves luckier than before, when Marshmallow hadn’t yet arrived and they were behind on security patches by several months.

Being a month slow isn’t really a problem, but that’s talking about the T-Mobile model. What about those on other carriers – how far behind are you guys in terms of monthly updates?

Word has been going around that those with unlocked versions of the Galaxy S7 have it the worst. Does that apply to the Galaxy S6/Edge as well? Has Samsung neglected or forgotten about you guys?