Here we are thinking we have moved past the Note 7 explosive fiasco, only to hear about another explosive episode. No, we’re not talking about yet another Samsung Galaxy Note 7; this time it is the Samsung Galaxy S6.

A Galaxy S6 user was en-route to Taipei on China Airlines flight CI027 when his device started smoking up prior to exploding on board the plane.

Fortunately for the swift actions by the flight crew, the blaze was quickly put out with portable fire extinguishers, saving the lives of all passengers while the owner received small burns to his hands. The damaged device was then left in an ice bucket.


This is by far one of the scariest situation as the plane’s cabin is pressurized. This means if a fire were to be ignited in the plane, it would take no time to spread throughout the entire cabin.

The reason behind the explosion of the Galaxy S6 is still unknown for now. However, recent reports have revealed that the Note 7’s explosive tendency was due to Samsung’s aggressive battery design in order to make the device slimmer.


John · December 12, 2016 at 7:37 am

I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that ran extremely hot to the point where I could not even put it to my face. Fortunately, the phone ended up having two substantial areas on the screen that went dead and the phone was under warranty. My replacement S6 Edge Plus has not had the same issue.

Russ Hatfield · December 12, 2016 at 12:40 pm

I have a S6 Samsung phone. I have not experience any smoke or fire, but when I am charging the phone the mini usb connection is so hot you can not lay your finger on it. This phone has had battery problems since the day I purchased it. My wife has the identical phone with no obvious problems. What do we do??

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