Although not all Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices all over the globe have received the highly anticipated Nougat entry, some have already been reaping the Nougat rewards.

The Android Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 Edge changes the app folders into transparent icons, eliminates the need to remember passwords with Samsung Pass, helps users to optimize battery, performance and security along with the option to put apps to sleep to save battery life, to name a few.

Exciting stuff, isn’t it? But, it looks like it may be coming with a frustrating side-effect.

According to a forum thread on Android Central, it looks like some Galaxy S7 Edge users have been experiencing a situation where their device’s LED light is not working for notifications following the update.

This may look like a small problem but most folks depend on this little light to alert them on notifications when they don’t want to or can’t pick up their smartphone.

Well, if you are a Galaxy S7 Edge user who has been facing a similar issue, it’s best that you check that the LED indicator’s toggle has been turned on.

According to a Samsung Community Moderator that responded to the thread, LED indicators were defaulted to “Off” when the update was unleashed. So, users will need to toggle it back on.

They will also need to ensure that cache has been cleared and that a full restart of your device has been carried out. If you’re still experiencing issues with this, check the individual applications to make sure that notifications haven’t been turn off for it.

Let us know if this has helped you out in any way!