It’s definitely great news to all Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users that the Android Nougat update is well on its way to the device. That said, some users have already started seeing the new update on their Galaxy S7 Edge devices.

The new update includes some pretty impressive features like a revamped UI and display scaling options. On top of that, the Nougat update also brings the multi-screen feature, customizable quick settings, enhanced Google keyboard, improved notifications as well as the inclusion of recent applications window.

Nougat does sounds interesting at this point, right?

However, it looks like it may be more frustrating than interesting to some users. A poster, George Lea, vented on Android Forums on the issues that has plagued his device since the upgrade.

The user stated that ever since he updated to Nougat, he has started noticing that the timer has lost the “Reset” button to get it back to zero.

Aside that, the update has also made the user unable to drag down the active apps menu to shut them off – especially his iHeart app.

The other commentors in the forum suggested a Nougat boot into recovery along with clearing the system’s cache. The user will have to power off his Galaxy S7 Edge device by holding and pressing the Volume Up+Power+Home keys.

The buttons need to be held until a bright blue line of words flash on the top of the screen. Then, the words “installing update” and “no command” will appear on the screen.

Following that, it will change with line in gold then by lines in blue. The top blue line will be highlighted with a blue color “Reboot system now.” Using the lower volume button, the user will need to highlight the “Wipe cache partition” and confirm with the Power button.

The window will then change with “Reboot system now” highlighted then click on the Power button to affirm. After that, the user will need to launch the affected app and run it to ensure the notification are on in the app and allowed in the system.

Have you been facing a similar problem as this user? Well, give this fix a try and don’t forget to let us know how it went!

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Callistus · March 31, 2017 at 7:45 am

Where do I go to complain about this new update? It has corrupted my SD Card and I get prompted to either format or I need the previous phone to decrypt the card! Can I revert to the previous version? You can imagine all apps and files are on there are now…gone?! 🙁

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