Samsung launched its Galaxy S7 duo last year and fans were pleasantly surprised with the Galaxy S7’s 3,000mAh battery capacity and the S7 Edge’s 3,600 mAh unit.

These days, batteries play a crucial role in buyer’s decision to pick up a new smartphone. We are often on-the-go and we tend to depend on our smartphone for various kinds of assistance such as navigation and even music – just so our long commutes will become more bearable.

The ability to charge your device at a fast rate is probably one of the most major breakthroughs of the recent years and it’s evident that Samsung wants to be on top of it.

So, despite its 2016 flagship duo coming with massive batteries, the Seoul-based manufacturer made things easier for users by including the Quick Charge 2.0.

Although this isn’t the latest fast-charging tech, it is still very much capable. With the right charger or external battery, users will be able to reach complete charge in just 15 minutes!

However, a survey through the various Android Central forum threads reveal that some Galaxy S7 Edge users have been having trouble with the device’s fast charging capabilities.

Despite being a pretty new device and even with the fast charging enabled in the settings, some user’s Galaxy S7 Edge struggles to charge at a fast pace. Some had even resorted to buying a new charger but the problem still persisted.

Well, if you have been experiencing a similar problem, it’s best that you try changing the charger cable. Most times, it’s not the charger itself that’s problematic, it could be the cable.

If that doesn’t work, your last resort would be to take it back to the place you bought your device. It is a new smartphone anyway, so you’ll still be covered under warranty.