Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users will be thrilled to find that the latest Nougat is already on its way to their device, while some have already started seeing the latest update on their device.

This update brings along new impressive features such as a redesigned UI and display scaling options. Aside that, it also includes the split-screen multitasking, customizable quick settings, improved Google keyboard, enhanced notification along with recent applications window.

As exciting as that sounds, a Galaxy S7 Edge user has taken to Android Forums to vent his frustration over the latest Android update.

According to George Lea, following his update to the latest Nougat version, he noticed that the timer doesn’t have a “Reset” button to revert it to zero.

That’s not all – it appears that the user is also unable to pull down the menu of active apps and shut them off; particularly his iHeart app.

Thankfully, fellow Android Forum-ers were quick to offer assistance to the clearly annoyed user. They suggested a Nougat boot into recovery along with clearing cache.

To do this, the user will need to power off his device prior to pressing and simultaneously holding the Volume Up, Power and Home keys. This has to be done up till a bright blue line of words appear on the top of the display.

After the words “installing update” and “no command” appears on the screen, it will change with line in gold followed by lines in blue.

The top blue line will be highlighted with a blue background “Reboot system now;” using the lower volume key, the user will need to move the highlighted line to “Wipe cache partition” and click on the power key.

Next, the user will need to highlight “yes” and click the power key. The window will change with “Reboot system now” highlighted then press the power key to confirm.

Once that is completed, the user will need to open each affected app and run it one time to make sure the notification are on in the app and allowed in the system.

If you’re one who is facing a similar problem, let us know if this has helped rectify the Nougat issue.