Samsung has officially announced a brand new color, making it the seventh on the list, version of its Galaxy S7 Edge device. This stunning new color is called the Black Pearl and it will only be coming with 128GB.

As exciting as that sounds, it’s best you hold your horses as Samsung has said that this new device variant will be sold “in select markets” beginning December 9.

Not surprisingly, South Korea, Samsung’s native country, will be one of the markets. However, seeing that the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge had made it into the US, we can expect to possibly see the Black Pearl version too, but that may take some time, if it does happen.

Expect to see a higher price tag on this new variant as it comes with a large storage of 128GB. The price would definitely be higher than the standard 32GB model that is currently on sale worldwide.

This Black Pearl Galaxy S7 is not much different than the Black Onyx version that was released early this year. But, the former is much more glossier and it “radiates quality and luxury,” to echo Samsung’s words.

Well, it looks like Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7 has finally found an-almost-worthy opponent.