Samsung devices are equipped with Quad HD Super AMOLED displays which can cause quite a bit of worry of dropping it as it isn’t really a common display. These days getting cracks and shatters on your screen aren’t really such an unusual thing anymore.

However, it is the price of fixing it that causes a headache. A new display for the Galaxy S7 Edge would cost you about $270. This is a lot more expensive than the Nexus 5X and comes close to the price to fix a Huawei Honor 5X.

That is an expensive figure as it would usually cost about $100 to $150 to repair the screen of a standard smartphone. So, if you’re a total klutz but aren’t interested in durable devices such as the HTC 10, Moto Z Force or the Galaxy S7 Active, you could always go for the cheaper standard Galaxy S7.

It will only cost you about $162 to fix the Galaxy S7’s display which is way cheaper than the Galaxy S7 Edge’s display. Surprisingly, it is also cheaper than the Galaxy S6 which costs $200 to fix its display.