The Android Nougat update brought along plenty of practical features along with some changes to how things were before.

It appears that the most changes pertains to the camera app yet there is one particular change that may cause confusion among Galaxy S7/S7 Edge user.

SamMobile reports that the timer option in the camera apps is now hidden in the camera settings. This isn’t something new to ex-Galaxy Note 7 users but Galaxy S7 users who have upgraded to Nougat may be puzzled over this disappearance.

It’s odd that this feature is now tucked away inside the settings instead of being easily accessible via the viewfinder. However, some may argue that the timer isn’t a very popularly used feature in smartphone cameras anymore so the fact that it’s hidden shouldn’t be causing much issues.

Source: SamMobile

Well, do you think this new placement of the timer would be causing any problems to users or is it a good move to stash it away from plain sight?